Fun workshops and show Blairstown New Jersey schools

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I taught a 3-hour workshop this morning. Meanwhile Andrew and Nathan each ran 2 75-90 minute programs. After that we did a show with some help form the students.

This was a great program organized by the Blairstown schools.

Every time I teach kids & teens Improv I think, “This is so much easier than teaching adults.” But today was extra special.

I have about 15-16 young folks that all just responded to my #1 rule:HAVE FUN
(But never at anyone else’s expense)

Want to do what I do? Learn to play without fear of judgement.

Truthfully, at times, I feel I am the victim of judgement every minute of every day. Or at least folks try to judge and put me in a box. I have not truly been the “victim” in a long time.

It often creeps into my head. As an overweight guy with a crazy big personality to match I tend to take folks off guard.

I can usually win them over with a smile, or self depreciating gesture/joke, but some nuts one cannot crack.

So I repeat to those that take my classes and impress upon those that have not….


If you mess up WHO CARES

If someone else messes up WHO CARES


Don’t worry about what others say and think. You have NO control over that. Most folks chose fear in the face of ignorance, and then over compensate with snobbery or hate.


I challenge you ALL to fight those urges. Join, don’t judge. I am not the organizer of any clique. I welcome all. It’s much more fun to live in my world. Too depressing to join folks in judging, fearing and hating.


Remember YES AND!!! Accept and build upon ideas with more great ideas.

Every “NO” stop forward progress. We need to say no to things that makes us unsafe etc, but too often we say NO first and miss out on many great opportunities to explore our world.

Folks live entire lives missing out on the wonders of the world. Experience the world with curious eyes and ears.

We teach the same concepts to big companies. On Monday I am running almost the exact same workshop for Microsoft. Later this month, JP Morgan Chase and BDO (People who know, know BDO)

These are basic simple skills and concepts that will help you in life – at home and work.

Welcome the NEW.

Celebrate diversity and uniqueness

Rise to every challenge.


The second someone says the “H” word, I flinch. I fear that’s another that will simply give up.


You may not know a skill or have the knowledge yet to overcome an obstacle.

But the second you say “THIS IS HARD” you may just give up and not even try. The walls go up. The defenses dig in. You are preparing for failure.


Every so called failure is a chance to learn. Life is not about how many times or how hard you fall flat on your face. Life is all about how you get up, brush off, and continue down a path.

When you look at life in this manner, every supposed failure becomes another fork in the road.

I cannot promise a world without pain. Sometimes it hurts bad. But remember your homework


From now on you are to start the day with a smile, no matter how hard it may be that morning. (oops the H word)

Before getting out of bed, SMILE and say this is going to be a good day.

Too many folks set themselves up for failure. And then when it is a good day they say “SEE, TOLD YOU SO” That same person never admits when they were wrong.

But if you start with a smile, average days become fun. Bad days become manageable. Great days become spectacular.


You are now comics. Your job is to make the world smile and laugh.

We are no longer going to wait for the rest of the world to make us smile and laugh.


Check out LMAO Off Broadway Improv in Times Square Saturdays 3pm (Added shows for group requests)
Check out LMAO Off Broadway Improv in Times Square Saturdays 3pm (Added shows for group requests)