February 17-21 Winter Comedy Camp for Kids &Teens

CLICK HERE to register for February 17-21 Winter Comedy Camp. Ages 7-17 welcome. Daily registration includes lunch and snacks. Full week includes performance showcase on Friday. You can also register now for Spring Break April 13-17 and Summer Camps, nine weeks starting June 29.

February 17-21 Winter Comedy Camp

We have been running summer comedy camps since 2014. This summer we will have nine weeks. February 17-21 will look similar. Sign up for a day, or the full week.

Summer Camp

Monday-Thursday Feb 17,18,19,20

8:45 early drop offs and open mic, Microphones are on for anyone wanting extra stand up practice.

Comedy Kids

9:30 official start time. After a brief morning roll call, we start our Improv comedy class. Every improv session starts with warm ups and technique building games. Each session will include playing at least one performance game.

11:30-1pm Lunch and open mic. We take a solid 30-minute lunch break. The rest of the time is dedicated to stand up comedy. Monday starts with sharing a story of personal experience or observation. Throughout the week we build that into an original comedy routine.

1pm Afternoon Improv Comedy. After a brief warm up/focus game, we jump back into performance games.

2:45 snacks

3pm Fun Time. Once a week campers watch a professional show by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv, featuring teachers and counselors. Other days teen counselors run various team bonding games. Mafia is a favorite. Typical camp fun time.

4-5pm late pick ups as needed for working parents.

Class clowns


Friday is show day.

8:45 early drop off and open mic

9:30 warm up

9:45 Dress Rehearsal. Run a mock show

11:30 notes

12:30pm lunch break and free time

1:30 house opens for show. Invite family and friends. Campers help seat

2pm Showcase. Each camper will perform their stand up comedy and a few Improv Games. Video of show will be posted unlisted for parents and grandparents that could not make the show.

A monthly showcase of our top students. Next show March 1. CLICK HERE to schedule and tickets.







January 2018 NYC Field Trip Booking Special NYC DOE VENDOR

January 2018 Field Trip Booking Special for NYC Area Schools – We already have great rates, but coming up on our slowest month of the year, we want to offer K-12 schools a great rate.
EMAIL for more info.

January 2018 Field Trip Booking Special for NYC Area Schools

Improv 4 Teens
Improv 4 Kids
Regular Rates 2018 $12pp, Min $600

JANUARY ONLY Book before 12/22
$600 flat rate up to 150ppl inclusive of chaperons

– add a workshop $5/student
– add lunch $8pp (Pizza & Beverage)


Since 2002 EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has presented over 6000 shows for K-12 and family audiences in Times Square and touring schools, camps, community centers and private events. Hilarious interactive musical comedy is improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. No two shows are ever the same. Every 5 minute the MC interacts directly with the students to get suggestions for the next scene or song (called games in Improv). 3-4 games require students on stage directly steering the comedy. Improv

Workshops dramatically increase the educational value of the program. Students play a series of games under the direction of our teaching artist. While teaching Improv and Performance, students learn creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking, self confidence, listening, focus, respect/team communications and more.

Learning how to Improv is one part acting, one part creative writing. In addition to creating fun character we spontaneously write a story as a team. Listening and Responding – always saying / thinking “YES! And…” – we start our stories,  establishing characters and setting. This process requires trusting and respecting our scene partners.

The workshop is so much fun students do not even realize the educational components. But you will as they start to participate in their every day studies, engaging in discussions, reading in class and listening better to lectures.


Bring these programs to your school, camp or community center.

  • Assemblies Programs
  • After School
  • PTA Nights
  • Workshops
  • Residencies
  • After school Programming
  • Professional Develop for Teachers, Staff


– Ask about rates outside NYC area. We regularly travel DC to Boston

$600 ONE show in NYC all 5 boros, 4 teaching artists (Day time rates)
Reg $800-1500 for Corporate Events etc
–  $300/additional consecutive hour for shows/workshop
–  $1500 day of shows/workshop (Up to 2 schools same county, 4 shows/workshops)
– $6000 5-day residency (Up to 10 schools same county, 20 shows/workshops)

$300 1/2 day; $500/day; $2000 / week

– $150/session 8-15 sessions/semester
– 1 teacher up to 90-minutes

K-12 Schools