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– Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens – Times Square
– Saturdays 12p Comedy 4 Kids – Times Square
– Sundays 1pm Comedy 4 Teens Greenwich Village Teens
– Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Kids/Teens Farmingdale Long Island Kids and Teens
– 18 & Older? Mondays 6pm ADULTS HAPPY HOUR IMPROV JAM
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Our classes for kids & teens include both Improv & Stand-Up Comedy training. By combining the two, students receive a comprehensive education in creative writing and critical thinking while developing strong community and leadership skills – team, public speaking, self confidence, respect, listening, focus, eye contact and more. We present 8-week programs Winter, Spring and Fall as well as a growing Summer Camp Program. We host private sessions for student groups and we send teachers to schools, camps, and community centers for workshops and residencies, after school programs and more.


  • TIMES SQUARE – Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street 10019
    Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens 13-17yo
    Saturdays 12pm Comedy 4 Kids 8-12yo
    First Day 9/9, Showcase Day 11/4, Bonus Classes 11/11, 11/18
  • DOWNTOWN – Greenwich Village Comedy Club 99 Macdougal Street 10012
    Sundays 1pm Comedy 4 Teens 13-19
    First Day 9/24, Showcase Day 11/19
    Saturdays 10am Youth Improv Classes (Ages 10-15)
    First Day 9/23, Showcase Day 11/18



We add shows & workshops daily for student groups. We also send teachers out to schools, camps and community centers for in-school, after school and weekend workshops, classes and residencies. Let us create our public program at your location. Add Improv to any after school program. Host a workshop to introduce the art form and valuable life skills to your classes.
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Improv Comedy is a fun way to introduce and develop many valuable life skills.


Improv is all about dropping ego and insecurity to tap into the creative sub conscience. We discuss creative writing techniques – developing strong characters, relationships, setting, plot – and critical thinking

Humor and creativity work in similar ways, says humor guru William Fry, M.D., of Stanford University–by creating relationships between two disconnected items, you engage the whole brain.


We use Improv to teach corporate team building. One of our goals is to bring these skills to more students in the developmental process. We focus on something called Psychological Safety – where every member of the team feels they are valued. Balanced with Performance Drive, we enter something called the Learning Zone where the entire community is engaged together to solve problems and move forward. YES AND… The number one rule of Improv is all about dropping pretense and losing ourselves in the moment. We listen to our team mates and respond, supporting everything that has come before.


Speaking in public is one of the number one fears that plagues individuals. Improv is one of the most fun ways to over come this fear. Students have so much fun they forget to fear. While playing games we ask students to speak up and speak out. Clearly communicate yourself by Projecting and Enunciating words. Use eye contact and clear body language to support your words. Every day pushing our comfort zones just a bit. Some of us never quite get over our fear of public speaking, but all of us can learn to process and focus that fear.

Overcoming fears and learning to communicate clearly, paired with great listening skills and respect for others, leads to great leaders. Great leaders make better students in all areas of academia.