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We send shows, workshops, classes, residencies and professional staff development to schools, camps, and community centers nationwide. EMAIL US to discuss rates and dates for your community. Subscribe to this blog or follow us on facebook  / twitter for discount offers, fun videos and more. If the packages below do not suit your needs, let us know what they are and we can customize a program for almost any taste/budget.


We recommend starting any new school or community program with a show. Our professional cast of performers from stage and screen present hilarious interactive skits and music improvised based on audience suggestions. Many games include students and teachers on stage more closely steering the comedy direction. Shows pair well with any cultural arts (music, theater), language arts (story telling) and guidance (character building, community, leadership, anti bully, etc) programming. Great for school assemblies, PTA nights, teen nights, fundraisers, summer camps, YMCA, JCC, Libraries and other community public and private programming.

Pricing for Schools and Non-Profit Groups
– Ask about additional special discounts for NYC programs

  • $800 One Session (reg $1500-5000 for colleges and corporate events)
  • $1200 Two back to back sessions ($600/session)
  • $2000 One day residency Up to 4 sessions ($500/session)
  • $8000 One Week Residency Up to 20 sessions ($400/session)
    *sessions defined as a 45-60 minute show (Up to 200ppl) OR workshop (up to 100 students). A one day residency can be split among 2 neighboring schools/facilities.  A week residency can be split among up to 10 schools/facilities. So at each school we can offer two shows (Up to 2.5 hours total includes basic set-up)


Paired with a workshop, Improv comedy is a valuable piece of the student development puzzle. Improv is a must for any drama / music performer and an incredibly fun way to teach creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking and more. Perhaps the most valuable side effect is self confidence and community building. Students over come social and public speaking anxieties, learning to listen, make eye contact and communicate clearly. The result is a student ready to engage in class and the community. Beyond making the world nicer for all, students learn how to learn. They move past memorizing for tests, actually absorbing information and concepts.

Our simplest 45 minute workshop is a wonder way to get the entire community working together. Some students over come deep fear of public speaking after one sessions. Teachers can play these games long after we leave to continue the development.

Our full program – 10 or more hours – can be offered in a single week or via weekly after school programs. These programs focus on a single group of 10-20 students leading up to a performance showcase. These students become leaders in the community, mastering communication and creative skills.

PRICING – Ask about additional special discounts for NYC programs

  • $300 ONE session (reg $500-1500 for corporate events)
    ONE master class or TWO 45-60 minute intro to improv workshops.
  • $500 TWO Sessions same day($250/session)
  • Multiple Sessions – Residencies/Weekly Classes scheduling 5 or more sessions/days – $200/Session $400/day
    *A Session is defined as a single teacher for up to 2-hours offering ONE class up to 20 students or TWO 45-60 minute back to back sessions.

A note about class size – Like any area of study teacher ratio is pertinent. Smaller classes allow more time for each student to work. Teachers can handle larger groups but hands-on training in smaller workshops can quickly turn into master class scenarios. Students will still be introduced to concepts of Improv beyond those learned simply by watching a show, but not nearly as effective of developing these skills in a usable fashion. We try to limit our public programs 10 students to maximize stage time for each.