K-12 Educational Outreach

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Improv Comedy Shows (ALL AGES), Workshops/Classes (Grades 3 and up), Residencies, After School Programming and Professional Development  for Staff at our Times Square area theater and touring nationwide to  K-12 schools, camps and community centers help cultivate a positive environment as we teach inspiring valuable life skills – CREATIVITY (Writing, Critical Thinking), COMMUNITY (Team, Listening, Respect) LEADERSHIP (Public Speaking, Self Confidence). – EMAIL US for more information about Times Square group sales /  private events – including field trips weekday mornings/afternoons – and bring this program to your community.. Subscribe to this blog or follow us on facebook  / twitter for discount offers, fun videos and more.


Improvisation at its core, as presented by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH is theater and music disguised as a modern comedy show. It is a valuable addition to any curriculum trying to expand the minds of its students. The shows are highly interactive, based on audience suggestions and utilizing student participation on stage. Each show incorporates musical elements (Madrigal, Jig, Blues, Opera, Broadway etc) The workshops are completely hands on with students playing a series of fun games delivering valuable life skills.

Beyond the typical theater show, Improv teaches story telling and sentence structure. We create original characters, setting and plot together on the spot. Watching and performing Improv develops a new respect and curiosity for the classics. Improv Comedy is a practical application for lessons learned in many Language Arts courses. As students read their next book, play or short story, they develop a new appreciation for the study of these works. Even our simplest games – such as one word story – teach basic sentence structure.

To navigate an Improv show, the team must work together listening with respect.   Performers, Teachers and Students are all equal, as ego and insecurity both hamper a successful improv. Whether playing for first game, or 1000+, the players must respect each other and listen intently. We must support our team mates above all else. We let go of our walls of defense and judgment. We have fun but NEVER at the expense of others. For teens groups we start ton incorporate concepts form our corporate team building, such as psychological safety, identified by many studies as the number one factor determining a team’s success. We look celebrate diversity – things that make us different, as we build upon things we have in common. We enter the learning zone together.

Psychologiical Safety

Improv creates student leaders. After a single introductory workshop, students develop self confidence for social engagement. These students immediately start to engage in class discussions and presentations.

Students that continue with in school residencies, after school programs and/or public classes develop into powerful public speakers, creative writers and