Saturday May 27 Class Awesome. Join Walt Frasier June 3, 10 at noon

I really loved our little group yesterday. Eclectic mix of students form both Kids and teens and even spring break camps (SUMMER CAMP COMING SOON)

We played a series of games all dealing with emotions. We discussed working emotions into our performance and I tie all that into dealing with emotions in the real world. This is form our new SEL programming at schools. Nothing new, really, but a refocus of what we have always taught. The results thus far have been very rewarding.
I tell all my students, you now are professional comics in my mind. For the rest of your lives, starting form this moment, it is your job to make the rest of the world smile and laugh. Don’t wait for the world to make you smile. Your homework everyday is to SMILE. Before you even get out of bed. Start every task with a SMILE. Even if you are feeling BLAH. It is your job to get yourself ready to rock.
Starting with the mask game, just pantomiming putting on a mask and performing that emotion. With a little discussion on how that feels. Some really struggle playing happy. Interesting, no?
The on to BUS STOP but really digging deeper into playing these emotions while playing a great scene. Like the car game we play a lot, each time a new player enters the scene EVERYONE takes on that emotion.
We then changed BUS STOP. Playing the same game but in different settings, from a principals office, to a zoo etc. This forced more choice on character and setting, offering new chances to develop WHO & WHERE choices.
THEN a game called Emotional Roller Coaster. Similar to Film & Theater Styles, while playing a scene the MC calls out an emotion and the entire scene changes as the characters take on those emotions.
We ended the session with a technique game – 3 line exchange, focusing on starting great scenes with big choices, adding now a choice about emotional state. We play this game at every professional rehearsal, using it to focus on a number of techniques.
Everyone did amazing work.
Next week (June 3) I plan to focus on pantomime a bit more. Physical performance. Using our imaginations to create new worlds and better characters.
June 10 will be all ab out MAKING BIG CHOICES – making bigger, deeper choices about character, setting and action. WHO WHERE WHAT in Improv
DROP BY Saturdays NOON June 3 & 10. FREE for students of our Spring classes OR $20 cash at the door
SUMMER CAMP Start July 10


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CLICK HERE for $10 tickets ($25 at the door)

AS STUDENTS You are all invited ANYTIME to our public professional shows. The whole family.Watching the pros helps students develop faster AND these days we all need more laughs in our lives.


SUMMER CAMP 2017 for
KIDS & TEENS ages 7-17

WEEK ONE July 10-14 $400 (Two Weeks $750, Four Weeks $1250)
WEEK TWO July 17-21 $400
WEEK THREE July 31-August 4 $400 (Two Weeks $750)
WEEK FOUR August 7-11 $400

Liz Lord
Walt Frasier
plus weekly/daily guest teachers from the LMAO Off Broadway, TV and Film.
Student Interns from our Teen Classes (2 plus years experience)


9am-10am Drop Off and Free time
Socialize with other campers, work on your stand-up routines, write in journal, take turns working on stage

10am Morning Improv Session
– Warm-Up, Techqniue and Performance games geared at teaching Improv Performance, Creative Skills, Critical Thinking (out of the box), Public Speaking,

11:45am Lunch Break

12:30pm Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic
– Share Stories from your own experiences and observations. We will turn those stories into original comedy routines by showtime on Friday

2pm Snack Time

2:15 Afternoon Improv Session
Continued Improv work form morning session

4- 4:30 PICK UP 

Some days we interrupt this schedule and invite students to watch a show by our professional company. We host large student groups from camps all summer. It is awesome to watch the pros play and help demonstrate the ultimate performance goals of Improv training in practice.


9am-10am Drop Off and Free time
Socialize with other campers, work on your stand-up routines, write in journal, take turns working on stage

10am Dress Rehearsal
Run show with notes

11:30am Lunch Break

12pm Dress Rehearsal
Run show with notes

1:30pm Snack Time and Set-Up Theater for Show

Please invite the world. We want the students to have a big audience for their performances. The larger the crowd the more fun it is for all.