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HOWEVER WE WILL BE OFFERING A NUMBER OF ONLINE CLASSES AND ENTERTAINMENT, MOSTLY FREE TO THE WORLD TO USE & SHARE with premium online classes and shows available at grossly discounted rates (compared to our live programs in Times Square and Touring nationwide).


WELCOME TO ONLINE IMPROV COMEDY THEATER – Below is a playlist of ONLINE Shows, Podcasts, music and more fromm the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv, it’s students and colleagues from around the world!

Videos VARY in their appropriateness for younger audiences. Parental Guidance recommended!!!

ONLINE School assemblies and private shows now available!

30- minute shows
$200 for up to two full classes (50-60 #students plus teacher, staff etc)

We invite all into ZOOM meering
Mute and hide video of audience
So all you will see is the cast

NOW IN OUR 18th SEASON – 6000+ shows since December 2002

Live comedy shows and classes in Times Square NYC and touring Nationwide

Students perform with Kenan Thompson. One of ours WINS!!!!



– Fridays/Saturdays 7:30pm (ages 13 and up) at LOL Times Square Comedy Club 711 7th Avenue (10036) at 47th Street
– Saturdays / Sundays 3pm (ages 5 and up)Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street (10019) at 8th Avenue
Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens Class
Saturdays 12pm Comedy 4 Kids Class
SUMMER CAMP for kids & teens starts July

Judah, a winner form last year, headlined the show with other winners form around the country. He has been touring with the team around the country. 11yo Carolyn won over 15 other new comics performing April 14, 2019 at Caroline’s on Broadway Comedy Club.


Improv and Stand-Up Comedy help students discover their best selves building self confidence, creative writing, critical thinking and public speaking. We offer weekly classes Winter, Spring and Fall, plus Summer Camps. We also have teachers at schools, camps and community centers on weekends and after school. Each session starts with Improvisation, playing games that are a ton of fun while teaching valuable life skills. These are the same games we play with corporate groups to develop better leaders, team building, sales, service etc. For our public sessions we include Stand-Up Comedy, taking stories of experience and observation, then crafting original comedy routines. Each session ends a performance showcase of original and improvised comedy skits. The classes and workshops integrate perfectly with cultural arts, language arts and character building/guidance programming.

The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers high energy fast paced interactive comedy improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions. Every 5 minutes the MC interacts directly with the crowd and you decide what the next scene or song is about. Politics, Sports, your favorite TV shows and films and New York City itself all serve as topical subjects. Many games require the help of audience volunteers on stage to more directly steer the comedy pros. NO TWO SHOWS ARE EVER THE SAME!

All professional comedy cast includes international talent from STAGE, TV  and  FILM including…

Billions, Friends of the People, GMA, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Lilyhammer,  Letterman, WE, MTV, NICK Dr Oz’s Fat Pants

FILMs: Top Five (w/ Chris Rock), Learning to Drive (w/ Sir Ben Kingsley)
TV: Power, Bull, Mysteries of Laura, Orange is the New Black, Blue Bloods

Comedy Central’s Broad City
HBO’s The Rock n’ Roll Project
Additional British comedy/theater/TV

Film/TV: Start-Up (SONY Crackle), Wrecked (TBS), plus numerous comedy/theater/TV credits from Puerto Rico

COMEDY KIDS Episode 2 Part 1



  • TIMES SQUARE – Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street 10019
    Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens 13-17yo
    Saturdays 12pm Comedy 4 Kids 8-12yo
    First Day 9/9, Showcase Day 11/4, Bonus Classes 11/11, 11/18
  • DOWNTOWN – Greenwich Village Comedy Club 99 Macdougal Street 10012
    Sundays 1pm Comedy 4 Teens 13-19
    First Day 9/24, Showcase Day 11/19
    Saturdays 10am Youth Improv Classes (Ages 10-15)
    First Day 9/23, Showcase Day 11/18

Our classes for kids & teens include both Improv & Stand-Up Comedy training. By combining the two, students receive a comprehensive education in creative writing and critical thinking while developing strong community and leadership skills – team, public speaking, self confidence, respect, listening, focus, eye contact and more. We present 8-week programs Winter, Spring and Fall as well as a growing Summer Camp Program. We host private sessions for student groups and we send teachers to schools, camps, and community centers for workshops and residencies, after school programs and more



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New York area youth perform Improv Comedy the whole family can enjoy!

Pictured: Luna Austin, Judah Angert, Ethan Harkavy, Che Johnson, Avery Lender; Filmed at the Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

That’s right the pilot episode of THE COMEDY KIDS is now online at The show features amazingly talented kids and teens from New York City performing Improv Comedy in front of a live audience.

What makes this series so unique is the imagination of the young performers. While seasoned adult performers may have tons more performance training and life experience, a child’s mind is free to wander without the confines created by society, ego and insecurity.

This project has been the dream of Producer Laurice Fattal for years.  Along with show host, Walt Frasier, the two founded Improv 4 Kids in 2009, which has performed for 1000s of K-12 and family audiences at their Times Square club, schools, camps and community centers.

“I used to fear performing for kids,” explains Frasier previously not known as a ‘clean comic’, “but we soon learned that a child has a far more interesting imagination. Interactive scenes for adult club audiences always had the same predictable direction. Kids’ minds surprise you at every turn.”

When the troupe started offering classes in 2010, the idea for this show was immediate. Everything Laurice and Walt had witnessed performing for kids was multiplied when the kids took stage themselves.

“Some of these students have been with us for 5 or more years, taking classes, attending summer camp and even performing as guests with the professional troupe,” Says Fattal. “Their progression has been a clear path to this project.”

While the series is designed for all ages, young audiences love watching other kids play. All the jokes are made up on the spot by the performers.

The kids are watching comedy and humor they can relate to.

“I have seen twelve-year olds perform the best Improv scenes you have ever seen,” brags Frasier. “Adult performers try to be existential and in the moment. Kids are usually there naturally.” Walt Frasier, Liz Lord and other Improv 4 Kids teachers combine both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy. Some of the students, after years of weekly classes, comedy camps and live showcases, have 15-20 minutes of quality original stand-up comedy materiel.

Many of these kids are getting the attention of other producers, casting directors and agents. 13yo Ethan Harkavy appeared on NETFLIX’s “Master of None” Season 2. 12yo Judah Angert was invited for a private producer’s audition original Stand-Up Comedy on America’s Got Talent Season 12. Many are starting to connect with agents and casting directors, so keep your eyes open for amazing things in the future. Fattal gets emails and calls to see talent almost weekly.

Tune into regularly to see new episodes and feature clips from kids and teens performing Improv and Stand-Up comedy.

Send further press inquiries to

Walt Frasier




Downtown NYC Comedy Shows & Classes for Teens

Downtown NYC Comedy Shows & Classes for Teens NEW September 2017
Click links below to find up to date show and class schedules and ticket options.


Downtown NYC Comedy Shows & Classes for Teens

Starting September 2017 we are expanding downtown with shows & classes at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club 99 MacDougal Street, between Bleeker and 3rd Streets. Fall programming downtown starts September 24, 2017. At 1pm (COMEDY CLASS REGISTRATION CLICK HERE) we have a Teen Class that combines Improv & Stand-Up Comedy training. At 3pm (IMPROV COMEDY SHOW TICKETS CLICK HERE) the professional comedy takes stage presenting original Improv comedy based on audience suggestions and participation. The downtown venue is a quaint 60 seat venue, perfect for an intimate class and show, as well as private events. Like our Times Square home we can host private parties and groups sales for birthdays and more (Student Groups, After School Programming etc)

LMAO IMPROV presents an original show every time it takes stage. Using suggestions for the audience, the cast creates scenes and music on the spot. Many of the games require audience volunteers on stage. These are professional shows featuring talent from stage & screen. COME BE A PART OF THE SHOW.
Sundays 3pm – Downtown – Greenwich Village Comedy Club
Saturdays 3pm – Times Square – Broadway Comedy Club
General Admission Tickets $25 plus a 1 drink minimum
WANT TO GO VIP? $50 tickets include the best seats in the house and the 1st round from the bar.

COMEDY 4 TEENS CLASS involves 8 weeks of training in both Improv & Stand-Up Comedy. By combining the two skills into one class, each students is exposed to a wealth of creative development and training. This class invites students of all levels. Some of our more experienced students volunteer as interns.
Sundays 1pm – Downtown
Saturday 10am – Times Square
Saturdays 12p – Times Square for Kids Ages 8-12
TUITION $250 includes 8 weeks of classes, bonus make-up sessions, performance showcase and FREE tickets to our professional shows for student plus a guest (Additional tickets at a discount)
NEW – Sign up for TWO ($400) or THREE ($550) sessions at once and save (Or redeem for sibling/friends discount)


We will be presenting Classes Winter, Spring and Fall at both locations for Kids & Teens. And of course we will be back with Comedy Camp Summer 2018!!!

times square

We still have our Times Square home at the Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019, between 8th & 9th Avenues. One block from the stage door for Late Night with Stephen Colbert. We have been at this location on and off since 2004 when it was still called the New York Improv.


Last summer, I got a talent manager email requesting some younger talent to audition. Two weeks later, Ethan was on set.

Ethan on Netflix “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari
Go to Netflix right now and watch
WARNING. Not for kids. Parental Guidance Required!!!
Ethan on Netflix
Ethan on Netflix “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari


Last summer, I got an email form my manager requesting I send over some younger talent to audition for his roster. Out of dozens of students and parents I emailed, Ethan and his parents responded. I think it was about two to thee weeks later (or even sooner) that the set was ready for Ethan on Netflix.

Daily I try to explain to a student or colleague, don’t wait as long as I did to get your self in front of industry. If you want to work, work. Easier said then done, yes, but not as hard as you think, and not for the reasons you think.

discount tickets
CLICK HERE for $5 tickets ($25 at the door)
I would argue that at any given instance, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of very talented performers out there, with college degrees in the theater arts, thinking to them selves “I am almost ready. I just need another class or another unpaid showcase where I can be discovered.”
THAT WAS ME!  And then suddenly, while performing at a New York Comedy Club, I was approached by a colleague from the club’s street team. It is with love when I say this guy was quite the hustler. He packed my shows with audiences every night and he thought I was funny and had talent. It turned out he a friend that had some experience in artist management. That friend was not currently working but she did put me in touch with Jaime Baker.
Within a month of the initial conversation that started with “I am going to introduce you to…” I was on set for my first SAG commercial, dressed in a football uniform, throwing a football in a Culligan Water commercial. I never saw the finished project but that 1/2 day on set paid a lot of bills for the next three years as royalties poured in.
At that point I was 34 years old. I had spent years in comedy clubs, regional and touring theater, singing in churches and auditioning for just about everything. I had already appeared on Letterman nine times as well as a few other shows I booked myself – MTV’s Stankervision, WE Network’s Hair Trauma, and a very random Commercial that still puzzles me as to what we were advertising (I think a Marketing firm was demonstrating they could make a rat look good – or not).
Since I started working with Jaime, I have booked walk on roles on Royal Pains and Blue Bloods and a number of smaller commercials. I booked myself on Netflix’s Lilyhammer, but it was my full resume of TV that helped make that happen.
Meanwhile another schmuck walks off the street at the right time in the right place with zero training in acting and lands a role that launches a career.
I have gotten to know David Duchovny over the last couple years. I was a huge X-Files fan – still am – and when David started his Rock n Roll career I was intrigued.
David was an English Lit major working on his PHD when he started joining his friend, Jason Beghe, at auditions. David Landed the commercial. Shortly after he was in a few movies, Twin Peaks and then The X-Files. The rest is history. Thirty years later David has starred in three major TV shows. Add all the movies, and not accomplished author and recording artist, it all started with that first audition.
You have to audition to work. For TV and FILM that means eventually you have to have an agent or manager submitting you.
So when ANYONE tells you, my manager is looking for some talent. Email him RIGHT NOW and mention my name, DO IT!
Ethan has already worked on a few other projects. Not to take anything away form Ethan or his Talent, Ethan got the job because he and his parents responded quickly and decisively to my email.
And now ETHAN has an IMDB page. It’s short. But at 13, his matches mine at 38.
The sooner you get that first credit? the sooner you get that second, third and fourth.
Graduate high school with a resume of professional credits, and not just a few musical theater credits and annoying competition ribbons/trophies, and you are ahead of the game for most.
It was disappointing our students did not get on “Julie’s Greenroom”. The producers of that Netflix show, starring Julie Andrews, had filmed Ethan an others for a segment on Improv. They loved Ethan. Unfortunately we ended up on the cutting room floor, which these days is the HD digital archive footage file folder. However, you never know. We could still end up in season two if they do a stand-up comedy episode.
Remember, every opportunity is an opportunity. In TV/FILM and COMMERCIALS you have zero control over the final use of your talent. You audition for hundreds and thousands of projects. You get cast in a few projects. Hopefully you get into the final cuts. Don’t stress over what happens that is out of your control.
You cannot control what bullies will say about you or how editors will cut you (your takes, they don’t actually cut you like a really bad bully)
PS If you are a theater/comedy student OF ANY AGE, please listen up.
A few of my colleagues have responded when I said, “Um Jaime is looking for some fresh blood, email him today.”
Others have not.
Some of those that have responded are working, booking commercials, TV shows etc.
None of the others are working, booking commercials, TV shows etc.
When a door opens to you, step through and take a peak on the other side. Things may not work out. Things may just lead to a huge career. Most likely it will be somewhere in between.
Only guarantee I can make?
NOT going through the door leads to NOWHERE!
Another of our students appeared on MASTER OF NONE Season 1 but I can take zero credit.
Sway loves out Improv classes but has been active in TV, Commercials and even Bollywood long before we came around. (Remind me next time to talk about having a website, social media)

Ethan on Netflix “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari

Master of None is an American comedy-drama web television series, which was released for streaming on November 6, 2015 on Netflix.[1] The series was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, and stars Ansari in the lead role of Dev, a 30-year-old actor who attempts to make his way through life in New York City. The first season consists of 10 episodes.[2][3] The show was well received by critics, appeared on multiple year-end top ten lists, and receiving multiple awards and nominations. The show was renewed for a second season in February 2016,[4] which premiered on May 12, 2017
The personal and professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York.