Last summer, I got a talent manager email requesting some younger talent to audition. Two weeks later, Ethan was on set.

Ethan on Netflix “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari
Go to Netflix right now and watch
WARNING. Not for kids. Parental Guidance Required!!!
Ethan on Netflix
Ethan on Netflix “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari


Last summer, I got an email form my manager requesting I send over some younger talent to audition for his roster. Out of dozens of students and parents I emailed, Ethan and his parents responded. I think it was about two to thee weeks later (or even sooner) that the set was ready for Ethan on Netflix.

Daily I try to explain to a student or colleague, don’t wait as long as I did to get your self in front of industry. If you want to work, work. Easier said then done, yes, but not as hard as you think, and not for the reasons you think.

discount tickets
CLICK HERE for $5 tickets ($25 at the door)
I would argue that at any given instance, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of very talented performers out there, with college degrees in the theater arts, thinking to them selves “I am almost ready. I just need another class or another unpaid showcase where I can be discovered.”
THAT WAS ME!  And then suddenly, while performing at a New York Comedy Club, I was approached by a colleague from the club’s street team. It is with love when I say this guy was quite the hustler. He packed my shows with audiences every night and he thought I was funny and had talent. It turned out he a friend that had some experience in artist management. That friend was not currently working but she did put me in touch with Jaime Baker.
Within a month of the initial conversation that started with “I am going to introduce you to…” I was on set for my first SAG commercial, dressed in a football uniform, throwing a football in a Culligan Water commercial. I never saw the finished project but that 1/2 day on set paid a lot of bills for the next three years as royalties poured in.
At that point I was 34 years old. I had spent years in comedy clubs, regional and touring theater, singing in churches and auditioning for just about everything. I had already appeared on Letterman nine times as well as a few other shows I booked myself – MTV’s Stankervision, WE Network’s Hair Trauma, and a very random Commercial that still puzzles me as to what we were advertising (I think a Marketing firm was demonstrating they could make a rat look good – or not).
Since I started working with Jaime, I have booked walk on roles on Royal Pains and Blue Bloods and a number of smaller commercials. I booked myself on Netflix’s Lilyhammer, but it was my full resume of TV that helped make that happen.
Meanwhile another schmuck walks off the street at the right time in the right place with zero training in acting and lands a role that launches a career.
I have gotten to know David Duchovny over the last couple years. I was a huge X-Files fan – still am – and when David started his Rock n Roll career I was intrigued.
David was an English Lit major working on his PHD when he started joining his friend, Jason Beghe, at auditions. David Landed the commercial. Shortly after he was in a few movies, Twin Peaks and then The X-Files. The rest is history. Thirty years later David has starred in three major TV shows. Add all the movies, and not accomplished author and recording artist, it all started with that first audition.
You have to audition to work. For TV and FILM that means eventually you have to have an agent or manager submitting you.
So when ANYONE tells you, my manager is looking for some talent. Email him RIGHT NOW and mention my name, DO IT!
Ethan has already worked on a few other projects. Not to take anything away form Ethan or his Talent, Ethan got the job because he and his parents responded quickly and decisively to my email.
And now ETHAN has an IMDB page. It’s short. But at 13, his matches mine at 38.
The sooner you get that first credit? the sooner you get that second, third and fourth.
Graduate high school with a resume of professional credits, and not just a few musical theater credits and annoying competition ribbons/trophies, and you are ahead of the game for most.
It was disappointing our students did not get on “Julie’s Greenroom”. The producers of that Netflix show, starring Julie Andrews, had filmed Ethan an others for a segment on Improv. They loved Ethan. Unfortunately we ended up on the cutting room floor, which these days is the HD digital archive footage file folder. However, you never know. We could still end up in season two if they do a stand-up comedy episode.
Remember, every opportunity is an opportunity. In TV/FILM and COMMERCIALS you have zero control over the final use of your talent. You audition for hundreds and thousands of projects. You get cast in a few projects. Hopefully you get into the final cuts. Don’t stress over what happens that is out of your control.
You cannot control what bullies will say about you or how editors will cut you (your takes, they don’t actually cut you like a really bad bully)
PS If you are a theater/comedy student OF ANY AGE, please listen up.
A few of my colleagues have responded when I said, “Um Jaime is looking for some fresh blood, email him today.”
Others have not.
Some of those that have responded are working, booking commercials, TV shows etc.
None of the others are working, booking commercials, TV shows etc.
When a door opens to you, step through and take a peak on the other side. Things may not work out. Things may just lead to a huge career. Most likely it will be somewhere in between.
Only guarantee I can make?
NOT going through the door leads to NOWHERE!
Another of our students appeared on MASTER OF NONE Season 1 but I can take zero credit.
Sway loves out Improv classes but has been active in TV, Commercials and even Bollywood long before we came around. (Remind me next time to talk about having a website, social media)

Ethan on Netflix “Master of None” with Aziz Ansari

Master of None is an American comedy-drama web television series, which was released for streaming on November 6, 2015 on Netflix.[1] The series was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, and stars Ansari in the lead role of Dev, a 30-year-old actor who attempts to make his way through life in New York City. The first season consists of 10 episodes.[2][3] The show was well received by critics, appeared on multiple year-end top ten lists, and receiving multiple awards and nominations. The show was renewed for a second season in February 2016,[4] which premiered on May 12, 2017
The personal and professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York.

EDUTAINMENT – Shows & Workshops for K-12 Student Groups

Improv Comedy Shows, Workshops, Residencies and Professional Development at K-12 Schools help cultivate a positive environment to teach and learn while inspiring valuable life skills.

IMPROV 4 KIDS grades K-8
IMPROV 4 TEENS grades 6-12


PICTURED – various students from public classes and student showcases at the Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square, NYC, Wisconsin HS Workshop, Queens HS with Eddie Brill and Mario Cantone, Ohio National Guard weekend programs for Military Child. More about public programs – including summer comedy camp – at

Improv Comedy Shows, Workshops, Residencies and Professional Development at K-12 Schools

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy Showslmaooffbroadway

  • FIELD TRIPS to TIMES SQUARE – Student groups attend private and public programs at our NYC Theater. UP to 240ppl in one seating


Every performance is a unique experience to your group. We cannot tell you exactly what these shows are going to be about, however we can promise your organization will be talking about the show for years to come.

Every show starts with out Master of Ceremonies warming up the crowd. We introduce the audience and prepare to be engaged in an interactive musical experience completely created on the spot based on your suggestions and participation.

We then introduce the rest of the cast. We get a suggestion and open with a song. Every show has 3-4 musical numbers – usually a rock n roll style Blues, a peppy Irish Jig, an A Capella Madrigal and more (March, Oldies, etc). Longer shows might include a mini Broadway Musical (Sing It game), or our musical guessing game, Prom Night.


After the opening number we invite our first audience volunteers to the stage for a round of Sound Effects or Columns. Both games will be found in most shows, using 2-4 volunteers to directly drive the scenes.

One of the most popular games is Freeze Frame (Human Slide Show). Depending on the size of the audience/stage we will invite 5-20 students and even a couple teachers on stage. They are instructed to pose for 3-5 mock photos. We may have inspired the Mannequin Challenge. While a few of our comics mix in with the poses, others narrate the slideshow. Have your own cameras ready because you will get some great yearbook photos in this game. For many shows, we get a historical event to depict. Other times we may ask for a toy or other product and show its invention. For private parties and birthdays we may get a past vacation destination and show “never before seen” photos from the trip.

The rest of the show is pure amazing Improv comedy. We play a number of games and are always adding new ones to the mix.


One of the reasons we are so popular and successful is the tone of our shows. We are asked back year after year to elementary schools because we are not overly “kiddie” or “cheesy”. the parents and teachers love the show as much as the kids.

At high schools – and middle schools – we appear to have a MTV or Comedy Central feel. The tone is edgy while we maintain performing subject matter suitable to school settings.

Even when we perform for corporate events and colleges, while the topics are more adult, we steer away from risque (blue) topics.

The older the crowds the more we get topical, dealing with politics, pop culture scandals etc – again with a PG rating suitable for school grades 6-12.

The younger the audience the sillier and more clownish we appear. We do more prat falls and silly voices. We replace political figures with animals and child characters.

But through it all we maintain a high end theatrical experience that more resembles a Broadway show than a cheesy production on Disney or Nickelodeon.

ASK US ABOUT OUR SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMING – SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Anti-Bully (Character Building, Guidance), Story Time (ELA), The Play’s The Thing (Cultural Arts)

SEL – Social Emotional Learning Assembly

Recently commissioned by two Long Island Schools, we have developed the perfect programming to accompany the latest in educational trends. Using Improv we demonstrate performing Emotions and dealing with emotions as actors. We slowly turn the conversation towards students feeling emotions in real life, respecting others emotional states, be valid in feeling a wide range of emotions but being responsible for how they act upon those emotions. The program is 1/2 performance and 1/2 discussion oriented. sel
THE MASK GAME – student wear imaginary masks reflect a wide variety of emotions. We perform that emotion and discuss that emotion.
THE MACHINE – We play a game that requires a large group to work together creating a random series of sounds and movement. We play and laugh together without being mean or hurting anyone. We are also aware of our space and others actions.  This game speaks to all aspects of SEL.
EMOTIONAL CARPOOL – Four characters in a car navigate a series of emotions.
EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER – While performing a scene, the MC calls out a series of emotional states. The actors perform the scene, changing as each emotion is called. For sake of this program, the players also purposely start with poor Improv choices – not “Yes Anding..” (rejecting offers form other player). As the scene progresses the player begin to work better as a team. In the post discussion the students highlight when the scene was working and why. THINK1

We tie in to Anti Bully Programming, Cyber Bullying and more.


Improv 4 Teens

All of our teachers have years of experience in K-12 education. We have a few well versed in special education needs. Tons of fun, these are the coolest ways to teach a number of valuable life skills – Creativity (Writing and Critical Thinking), Community (Team, Respect, Communications, Listening, Focus), Leadership (Public Speaking, Self Confidence).

Each workshop starts with a series of warm-ups and technique building games. As time permits we move into a performance masterclass phase. The goal is to inspire further study. Students have a ton of fun and get to actually perform for each other in the first session. We break down walls of ego and insecurity and build strong skills that help all areas of study.

Improv 4 Teens


We have a variety of programs sending you teaching artists for a week, two weeks or weekly programs in/after schools. Programs offer a survey program to the entire student population or a focused programs leading to a performance showcase with a particular class of students. Great for Kids and teens Grades 4 and up however we have offered for younger ages.

Past & Current Programs include Queens Prep, Prep Academy for Writers, Flushing High School, Summit School, NEST+m, Williamsburg North, Teachers College Community School, 92Y, Sephardic Community Center, Williamsburg North, Day Camp in the Park (Great Neck), Cherry Hill Camp, Colchester CT Summer Camp, and Private Programs in Manhattan, Glen Cove, Farmingdale etc.

WEEKLY CLASSES – We have a teacher (or two) pop in ever week for 1-2 hours and work with a group of students. In some schools we run 6-8 week programs. Other schools have us for the entire semester/year – lots of options. In each case we run a progressive program that culminates in a performance showcase for friends and family. We have these programs in a number of schools, camps and even private homes around the area. These programs create student leaders. Schools report increase academic performance and attendance form our students. As students lose their fear of pulic engagement, they participate in class. They actively listen, read in class and participate in discussions. the excel at oral presentations.

MINI DAY CAMP / IMPROV INTENSIVE – New this past year, we are sending our teachers around the area this summer, spring break, and winter break to offer 1/2 day programs. A typical week would entail 9am-12pm with a performance showcase Friday at 11am. (Times Flexible). We also provide teachers for full day camp programs etc

FULL WEEK (2 week) RESIDENCY – Our teacher(s) spend the entire week in your school. We go from class to class presenting a basic Improv workshops.

We just started offering this in conjunction with our Professional Development programs. After a workshop with teachers & staff, we teach the teachers how to run games in their class room. We play a series of games that teach team work, listening, focus and more.  In the complete program we follow up with a review program with the teachers. then a final program teaches how to use Improv in teacher sessons to role play conflict resolution and communication challenges with students, parents, administration and each other.



Our professional development programs have two primary functions.

  1. Develop strong team skills to better communications and creativity in weekly meetings and daily interactions – similar to our corporate team building programs.
  2. Teach how to use Improv games in the classroom to develop better students.

You can engage us for any or all of the following programs, however, we never start with PHASE FOUR – CONFLICT RESOLUTION. We want to impress the importance with starting o0rm a fun positive place to learn the basic concepts in Improv and begin using in daily operations.

PHASE ONE – Intro to Improv ½ day
COME PLAY WITH US!!! Mini Show & Workshop for teachers; 3-4 teaching artists work with your staff, introducing basic concepts in Improv, develop strong team bonds, and how to use Improv in staff meetings and the classroom. We play a series of warm-up games and wrap with a mini performance masterclass. Tons of fun, they will be talking about this experience for years.

PHASE TWO – Improv in the Class Room 2-4 days depending on your schedule, school size
One of our teachers goes to every classroom. We teach the students some of the same warm-up and performance games as we work with staff on how to teach and lead those games with students.

PHASE THREE – Improv 201 and Review ½ day
Review Workshop and deeper discussion on how to use the “YES! And…” philosophy to better community relations, communications and creating better students. We have teachers practice leadings games. We discuss how to use Improv to role play characters from a novel or play and history/social studies, to develop critical thinking in math and science, and to relieve stress before a test in any subject.

PHASE FOUR – Conflict Resolution Workshop ½ day
In our Final Program, we get a little more serious. We teach how to use Improv to role play various scenarios to help conflict resolution with students, parents, administration and other teacher/staff. In breakout sessions groups develop original skits to demonstrate potential problems. After the performance we open discussion and share ideas to deal with these issues. We customize this to your most pressing needs and teach how to continue forward progress long after we are gone.



SUMMER 2017 IMPROV COMEDY SHOWS, CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, SUMMER CMAP, TOURING COMPANY – Can’t make it to Manhattan to see our public shows live. Our Touring Company is busy all over the Tri-State Area and beyond… Many are public offerings at libraries. In addition to hosting our own comedy camp we perform at camps from DC to Boston as well as host field trips to our times square theater.

Below listings with links are  OPEN to public

To inquire about private shows & workshops at our club or bringing our programs to nationwide, email us now
LIVE Weekly Shows in Times Square $25 at the door. $5 via Improv 4 Teens discount link CLICK HERE

Weekly sessions in
Farmindale Long Island NY
Glen Head Long Island NY
Teachers College Community School Harlem
NEST+m Lower East Side
Williamsburg North Brooklyn
Summit School Queens
Flushing High School Queens
Queens Prep Queens

SUMMER 2017 IMPROV COMEDY8sidebar-classes

June 4 8pm LMAO ALL STARS – For the first time in over 2 years, a public show with nothing BUT our top players 2009-2011 Off Broadway Cast. June 4 Starring Patrick Reidy, Amelia Fowler, Andrew Del Vecchio,  Liz Lord, Thomas Burns Scully
June 26-29 Mini Comedy Day Camp in Cherry Hill, NJ
June 28 WORKSHOP at Locust Valley Library  Long Island NY
June 29 Show at Kings Bay Y Brooklyn NY
July 2 8pm LMAO ALL STARS – For the first time in over 2 years, a public show with nothing BUT our top players 2009-2011 Off Broadway Cast. Featuring LMAO Founders Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal
July 6  SHOW at Glen Cove Library Long Island NY
July 7 Shows at International Sports Center Cherry Hill NJ
July 10 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Woodmont Day Camp
July 11 WORKSHOP at Elmont Library Long Island NY
July 11 WORKSHOP at Locust Valley Library  Long Island NY
July 11 Show at Kings Bay Y Brooklyn NY
July 14 Summer Camp Show in Port Washington Long Island NY
July 14 Show at Kings Bay Y Brooklyn NY
July 17 Show for Summer Camp in Ocean NJ
July 18 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Central Queens Y
July 19 SHOW at Islip Library Long Island NY
July 19 SHOW at Northport Library Long Island NY
July 20  Show for Summer Camp in Goshen CT
July 24-28 Mini Improv Comedy Day Camp Colchester CT
July 25 Summer Camp Show in North Hempstead Long Island NY
July 26 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Innovation Academy Charter School
July 27 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from EDITH AND CARL MARKS JCH OF BENSONHURST


July 31 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Central Queens Y
August 2 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Lakeland Hills Family YMCA NJ

August 2 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from

P.S. 90 The Magnet School for Environmental  Studies & Community Wellness  

August 3 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from EDITH AND CARL MARKS JCH OF BENSONHURST

August 4 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Harlem YMCA

August 4 Show at Kings Bay Y Brooklyn NY
September 1 FIELD TRIP in Times Square hosting group from Jennifer Tai Clover Prep Learning Center


October 18 WORKSHOP at Elmont Library
too young to vote





Scroll down for complete video playlist of stand-up and improv April 22 Showcase of TOO YOUNG TO VOTE  starring Che, Syriah, Monty and Sammy and Hosted By Walt Frasier. Want to perform on these monthly showcases? Sign up for our classes (Winter, Spring, Fall weekly sessions plus Summer Camp) or send us your resumes via email. We also send shows & workshops to schools and community centers around the NYC area and beyond. Bring Improv to your community today!

too young to vote

  • NEXT TOO YOUNG TOO VOTE May 21  1:30pm
  • CLICK HERE for CALENDAR of UPCOMING SHOWS and Drop In Classes at the BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB by professional Comics and Improv Artists 3pm Matinees for the whole family
    WEEK ONE July 10-14
    WEEK TWO July 17-21
    WEEK THREE July 31-August 4
    WEEK FOUR August 7-11
    Click links for discount registration $320/Week (reg $400)
    Additional discounts for multiple sessions sign-ups
  • SIGN UP SOON FOR FALL CLASSES. Keep checking calendar for updates


Too Young to Vote April 22 Improv Objections & Opening Stand-Up

Too Young to Vote April 22 Improv Voice & Monty Stand-Up

Too Young to Vote April 22 Improv World’s Worst & Che Stand-Up

Too Young to Vote April 22 Improv Press Conference & Syriah Stand-Up

Too Young to Vote April 22 Improv Freeze Tag Emotions & Sammy Stand-Up


Take comedy classes in Times Square / Midtown West Manhattan at the Broadway Comedy Club. TONS OF FUN, Our classes combine Improv & Stand-up to best teach both Performance and valuable life skills – creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking, self-confidence, team, respect, listening, focus etc

More about class schedule (including SUMMER COMEDY CAMP) at
Saturdays/Sundays 3pm
LIVE COMEDY SHOWS the entire family can enjoy
Full calendar and discount tickets via

We host student groups daily for shows and workshops in NYC.
We also tour nationwide to K-12 schools, camps, and community centers



TOO YOUNG TO VOTE Comedy Showcase March 19 3:15pm at the Broadway Times Square NYC


Come check out our first show March 19 2017 at 3:15. There will be an entire hour of stand-up comedy by under 18yo talent sharing their perspective on the world. Bring the whole family.

Sunday March 19 3:15pm
Broadway Comedy Club
318 west 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019
$5 Cover plus One beverage minimum
Click Here to reserve online
This is the first of a new monthly series



Email your headshot, resume and video of live performance ASAP
OR Sign up for our classes for kids and teens. Every

Saturdays & Sundays 3pm LMAO OFF BROADWAY

Public Showcases for the whole family. Professional Performers. Very interactive. Entire show Improvised on the spot based on audience suggestions.
$25 cover Click Here for discount admissions and calendar
FREE admission for all students and guests
There is a one beverage minimum for all guests

SPRING CLASSES start March 18, 2017

Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens
Saturdays NOON Comedy 4 Kids
Sundays 1pm Comedy 4 Teens

8-weeks of classes includes daily warm-up, technique and performance Improv Comedy games plus 30-45 minute open mic style session where student share stories from their own experiences and observations and create original stand-up comedy routines.

$30/class; $225/ 8-week session plus showcase
Register online in advance and save CLICK HERE


April 10-14 9am-NOON
$225 for Full Week
Register online in advance and save CLICK HERE
This class will feature all Improv for Kids & Teens 8-17. Tuesday 11am Students will watch our professional cast perform for a theater full of campers form around New York City. Friday 11am Students will perform a showcase of their work, open to family and friends


Sign up for 1,2 or 4 weeks
1a July 10-14
1b July 17-21
2a July 31-August 4
2b August 7-11
Every week, students learn both Improv & Stand-Up Comedy
LUNCH & Snacks Included (For extreme allergies please plan on providing lunch for your child)

MARCH 11 SHOWCASES Kids & Teens NYC Comedy Classes

MARCH 11 SHOWCASES Kids & Teens NYC Comedy Classes

Spring Classes Start March 18
COMEDY 4 TEENS Saturdays 10am
COMEDY 4 KIDS Saturdays Noon

MARCH 11 SHOWCASES Kids & Teens NYC Comedy Classes

Comedy 4 Teens by Teens October 30 Show

Comedy 4 Teens by Teens at Broadway Comedy Club NYC

We had an amazing show this week at the Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square where eight amazingly talented teens performed a 1-hour show of Improv and original Stand-Up Comedy. October 30 will be a similar line up of performers, however a completely new show because the Improv comedy is created on the spot based on your suggestions and participation. The Stand-Up Comedy line-up may feature different comics as well as new material from the comics seen in the above video.

Comedy 4 Teens by Teens

CLICK HERE for $5 tickets to 10/30 show at 3pm
Broadway Comedy Club NYC
318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019

This show is fun for all ages, but it is truly geared towards teens to watch other teens perform. These young soon-to-be pros have been with our programs for 6 months to 4 years or more.

Do you want to perform Improv and Stand-Up Comedy? Then start like these comics, and join one of our classes for kids or teens Saturday mornings. It is just $30 to drop or pay $200 for full session (New session starts January 2017). It is not to late to perform on the November 12 Fall 2016 showcase, so sign up to day and join us the next 6 weeks.

Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens CLICK HERE for 20% discount
Saturdays NOON Comedy 4 Kids CLICK HERE for 20% discount
Sundays 4pm ADULTS 18+ CLICK HERE

Or check out the full calendar of up coming classes, and you can join in on the fun this weekend.

CLASS SCHEDULE Jan 7, 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11, 18, 25; BONUS/Dress Rehearsal March 4; SHOW March 11 MORE classes and updates at

Perhaps you can start your journey by watching the pros perform. Every Friday 7pm is great for teens, and teen groups. (CLICK HERE for $5 discount tickets; $25 at the door). Kids of all ages welcome Saturdays 3pm and Alternating Sundays 3pm for our family friendly matinees.

Comedy 4 Teens

Educational Outreach NYC Improv Shows & Workshops

Educational Outreach NYC Improv Shows & Workshops

Improv 4 Teens and Improv 4 Kids are the outreach divisions of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv. We perform 300+ shows every year for K-12 and family audiences at our Times Square Theater and touring schools, camps, and community centers. The shows alone are fun for both students and teachers. Paired with study guides and workshops, the program brings a valuable resource to the school. Laughter alone is huge in reducing stress, and proven to better test scores (John Hopkins Studies) Humor builds a better brain (Based on William Fry from Stamford). And Improv is the most fun way to teach public speaking, listening, focus, eye contact and other valuable life skills.

Our after school program consists of 8 classes/quarter ($1600), 10 classes/trimester ($1750) or 15 classes/semester ($2250). This includes 1 teacher for up to 90-minutes OR two 45-minute classes back to back up to 2 hours total.
– Each class can comfortably include up to 20 students. 10-15 is ideal (like any subject teacher ratio is huge)
– Each session consists of warm-up, technique and performance games that teach Creativity (creative writing, critical thinking), Community (Team, Respect, Listening, Focus, Eye Contact) and Leadership (Public Speaking, Self Confidence).
– Each Program ends with a performance showcase.
– OPTIONAL – Our public classes include a stand-up comedy component. Students create their own routines over the course of a semester. This further develops creative writing skills.
– The Programs easily tie into Cultural Arts (Theater), Language Arts (Story Telling, Creative Writing, Public Speaking) and Character Building (Community, Leadership, Anti-Bully etc).
Educational Outreach
Educational Outreach Shows & Workshops at our Times Square Theater and touring nationwide schools, camps, community centers.
We run programs directly at NEST+m (4 years) and this year starting programs at 92Y and Williamsburg Northside. We also run programs (export our teachers) all over the city via various YMCAs, JCCs and even the Comedy Hall of Fame where our teachers are part of credit bearing fine arts and ELA electives in school. I previously served as the Director of Instruction (2009-2012) for the Comedy Hall of Fame and developed the programs for those schools. 2 of the students graduated and became interns in our professional program. One became a full time cast member summers  when home from college.

Educational Outreach NYC Improv Shows & Workshops

I recommend bringing a show to the school (as low as $500 in the fall. Regularly $600). 3-4 teaching artists can introduce the art form to the school. Or bring the team in for a full day ($1500). Start with a show or two, depending on school size. The teachers can then work with up to 100 students/ hour introducing basic concepts of Improv, while promoting better public speaking, team skills, respect (Really pairs well with Anti-Bully programming in the fall). We even have a powerful Professional Development Program that serves both as a corporate team building exercise and teaches how to use Improv in the class room to de-stress students and staff, use Improv to role play literary characters as well as historical figures and scientists. 
Our weekly after school programs will turn a small group into leaders. Students that are not afraid to read in class and engage in discussion have more fun in school over all. Attendance goes up. Grades go up. Test scores go up. 

FRIDAYS 7pm Improv Comedy Show in Times Square starting 9/30

FRIDAYS 7pm Improv Comedy Show in Times Square starting 9/30


Starting September 30, we have a new Improv show Fridays 7pm that is perfect for our Improv 4 Teens crowd. The 60-minute show featured classic games made popular by the TV show WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. The professional cast creates original scenes and songs bases on audience suggestions. Many of the games invite you, the audience, on stage to make sound effects, fill in the blanks for Human Mad Libs (AKA Columns) and pose for the Human Slide Show (AKA Freeze Frame).

CLICK HERE for tickets. $25-50 at the door. Just $5-30 via Improv 4 Teens. General admission tickets require a 1-beverage minimum purchase ($5-15 includes soda, juice and bottle water). VIP tickets include front row seats and

September 30 Friday 7pm Hosted By Walt Frasier with Levi Penley, Ivana Mendez and Zac Messick. $5 tickets CLICK HERE.


3pm Matinees Every Saturday, Some Sundays. All ages friendly.

HAPPY HOUR Shows – Improv Teams face off with guest comics and muscial acts. Fun after school / before Broadway shows for teens and up.



Upcoming Shows Sundays October 2, 30 3pm
Tickets $20 – ENTER PROMOTIONAL CODE “TEENS” for $10 tickets. NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASE REQUIRED with these tickets. (These Tickets includes bottle of water as the regular 1-drink minimum)


We have a brand new series coming to Broadway Comedy Club monthly. COMEDY 4 TEENS by TEENS is just what it sounds like, a comedy show for youth performed by youth. You can’t vote yet, you perhaps barely can drive, but you do have opinions about the world and our teens deliver.

Comedy 4 Teens

The performers are past and current students of our comedy 4 teens program that have been performing Improv and Stand-Up Comedy for 2-4 years or more. (Want to learn comedy CLICK HERE)


The audience are teens and families that love comedy. These shows are like Nickelodeon or Disney channel but far less annoying. Bring your theater class, friends form school, a date, or the whole family.


Many in the audience will be friends and family of the performers. But these are far more than simple class showcases. These are truly up and coming comedy geniuses that just happen to still live at home. Most up and coming comics still live at home at age 30 so these guys and gals are way ahead of the curve!

Look for many of these comedians on Netflix this winter. Our Spring class showcase was filmed – and many of our comics interviewed – for Julie’s Greenroom, the new show with legendary Julie Andrews and Jim Henson muppets teaching kids about the arts. This particular episode stars Ellie Kemper, best known for her role as Kimmy Schmidt in the Netflix comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and features some of our comics performing Improv Comedy. You might see some of their stand-up comedy too.

Julie's greenroom

Most of our kid and teen performers also can be heard on iHeart radio’s iRead2Know station. These 30-minute shows feature both our professional cast and students performing Improv and Stand-Up Comedy.