SUMMER TIME Shows, Workshops, Camps

  • Public Shows in Times Square
  • TOO YOUNG TO VOTE – Comedy by Kids & Teens under 18
  • Field Trips for Student Groups
  • Private Events – Sweet 16, Quinceañeras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc
  • Touring Company
  • Email group and private event requests



The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious interactive musical comedy based on audience suggestions and participation. Many are invited on stage to directly help shape scenes while the entire audience is called upon to provide ideas for scenes and songs. The quick-witted cast works together to deliver high impact fast paced comedy that is age-appropriate. Attend a public show in Times Square, book a private event at our NYC club or bring this show anywhere in the country.
$25 at the door CLICK HERE for discount tickets

  • Saturday 6/24 3pm
  • Monday 6/26 ON THE SPOT
  • Wednesday 6/28 6pm
  • Sunday 7/2 8pm LMAO ALL STARS
  • Saturday 7/8 3pm
  • Wednesday 7/12 1pm NO DRINK MINIMUM/SERVICE
  • Friday 7/14 2pm TOO YOUNG TO VOTE (Under 18 comics)
  • Wednesday 7/19 1pm NO DRINK MINIMUM/SERVICE
  • Friday 7/21 2pm TOO YOUNG TO VOTE (Under 18 comics)
  • Saturday 7/22
  • Wednesday 7/26 2pm NO DRINK MINIMUM/SERVICE
  • MONDAY 7/31 SUMMER CAMP Week 3
  • Wednesday 8/2 2pm SOLD OUT
  • Friday 8/4 2pm TOO YOUNG TO VOTE (Under 18 comics)
  • Sunday 8/6 8pm LMAO ALL STARS
  • MONDAY 8/7 Summer Camp Week 4
  • Wednesday 8/9 2pm NO DRINK MINIMUM/SERVICE
  • Friday 8/11 2pm TOO YOUNG TO VOTE (Under 18 comics)
  • Saturday 8/19 3pm
  • Sunday 9/3 8pm LMAO ALL STARS
  • $25 at the door CLICK HERE for discount tickets


While not geared at all for kids, most NYC teens can handle our Stand-Up Comedy Showsimprov4teensbanner



We have public shows every week at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019 all year long. Our signature show LMAO OFF BROADWAY features the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. Matinees are all ages friendly. Evening shows, while geared for a more adult audience, are fine for most teens (PG-13). HAPPY OUR and other shows cases feature long-form Improv teams, guest comics and even musical acts. We also have discount tickets to stand-up comedy which may be attended by teens when traveling with parent/guardian.

  • IMPROV COMEDY – CLICK HERE for discount tickets
  • STAND-UP COMEDY – CLICK HERE for discount tickets
  • Click link, select date/time you wish to attend, select discounted options in blue. Tickets at the theater run $20-25pp. $5-10 via above links.
  • Arrive at the theater 30-45 minutes prior to show time for best seating. These rates, exclusive to IMPROV 4 TEENS are better than group rates in many cases. In fact these are more “seat filler” rates found on most discount sites like groupon. Most Improv shows require a 1-drink minimum (soda, juice, bottled water count). Stand-Up Comedy shows require 2-drink minimum.

Field Trips for Student Groups

We add shows daily for field trips, after school and evening as well as all weekend long. This section designated for groups form schools, camps, community centers, scouts and other non-profit organizations.

Hilarious Improv Comedy by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH is a fun alternative to Broadway and Off-Broadway field trips and our rates open these great theater-going trips to a far greater audience. The shows themselves have huge benefit. Laughter alone is great for increasing health while reducing stress. Studies at John Hopkins show better test prep and scores. “Humor and creativity work in similar ways,” says humor guru William Fry, M.D., of Stanford University. “By creating relationships between two disconnected items, you engage the whole brain.”

Pair with a workshop and increase educational value ten fold. Before or after show, depending on schedule needs, our teachers introduce students to basic Improv performance (YES! And…, Establishing the Who, Where, What, etc) concepts while teaching valuable life skills (Creative writing, Critical Thinking, Team work, Respect, Listening, Focus, Eye Contact, Leadership, Public Speaking, Self-Confidence and more). Every workshop starts with a warm-up that gets the individual and team ready to rock. Technique games build a language and skill set. Performance games get students applying what they learn. A short workshop with our professional teaching artists is often enough to inspire students to create their own comedy troupes and clubs at school, which furthers the educational programming.

Smaller groups at public shows (10ppl +)

  • $25pp includes show, workshop and lunch (Pizza & Bottled Water)
  • you may also purchase alla carte discount ticket options via links above.


  • $500 for up to 40ppl. 60-minute show, Q&A plus time to eat lunch before/after
  • Additional guest $10pp
  • $1200 up to 150 students plus chaperons (max capacity 168)

LARGER GROUPS – Evening (After 5pm)

  • $1000 private show for up to 50ppl
  • Additional guest $20pp (Max capacity 150ppl)

Add on Options

  • Add 45-60 minute workshop $5pp
  • Add Lunch (Pizza Party) $8pp
  • Chicken Fingers and Fries Dinner $15pp + tax/tip
  • Add Gourmet Deli Wraps, Salads, Chips, Cookies (Most popular adult group lunch option) $22pp + tax/tip

All lunch/dinner options include non-alcoholic beverage. Usually bottled water as schools and parents request we don’t serve soda.


Book a workshop w/o show for as little as $300 – includes teacher and room rental up to 30ppl. however groups of 20 or less recommended for best results. Up to 2 hours.


CLICK HERE for 2016-2017 Price List
Email today for more information on booking your group!


  • Assemblies
  • After-School
  • PTA/PTO/Family Nights/Fundraiser
  • Back to School Events
  • Field Day
  • Residencies
  • Professional Development for teachers

Rates vary per region and season. Email today for more information.


  • Graduation
  • After Prom
  • Birthdays
  • Sweet 16
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvah
  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate Sponsored Family Functions – Picnics, Holiday Parties, etc

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Fun workshops and show Blairstown New Jersey schools

My Little Sister #improv #improv4kids

A post shared by Walt Frasier (@waltfrasier) on

I taught a 3-hour workshop this morning. Meanwhile Andrew and Nathan each ran 2 75-90 minute programs. After that we did a show with some help form the students.

This was a great program organized by the Blairstown schools.

Every time I teach kids & teens Improv I think, “This is so much easier than teaching adults.” But today was extra special.

I have about 15-16 young folks that all just responded to my #1 rule:HAVE FUN
(But never at anyone else’s expense)

Want to do what I do? Learn to play without fear of judgement.

Truthfully, at times, I feel I am the victim of judgement every minute of every day. Or at least folks try to judge and put me in a box. I have not truly been the “victim” in a long time.

It often creeps into my head. As an overweight guy with a crazy big personality to match I tend to take folks off guard.

I can usually win them over with a smile, or self depreciating gesture/joke, but some nuts one cannot crack.

So I repeat to those that take my classes and impress upon those that have not….


If you mess up WHO CARES

If someone else messes up WHO CARES


Don’t worry about what others say and think. You have NO control over that. Most folks chose fear in the face of ignorance, and then over compensate with snobbery or hate.


I challenge you ALL to fight those urges. Join, don’t judge. I am not the organizer of any clique. I welcome all. It’s much more fun to live in my world. Too depressing to join folks in judging, fearing and hating.


Remember YES AND!!! Accept and build upon ideas with more great ideas.

Every “NO” stop forward progress. We need to say no to things that makes us unsafe etc, but too often we say NO first and miss out on many great opportunities to explore our world.

Folks live entire lives missing out on the wonders of the world. Experience the world with curious eyes and ears.

We teach the same concepts to big companies. On Monday I am running almost the exact same workshop for Microsoft. Later this month, JP Morgan Chase and BDO (People who know, know BDO)

These are basic simple skills and concepts that will help you in life – at home and work.

Welcome the NEW.

Celebrate diversity and uniqueness

Rise to every challenge.


The second someone says the “H” word, I flinch. I fear that’s another that will simply give up.


You may not know a skill or have the knowledge yet to overcome an obstacle.

But the second you say “THIS IS HARD” you may just give up and not even try. The walls go up. The defenses dig in. You are preparing for failure.


Every so called failure is a chance to learn. Life is not about how many times or how hard you fall flat on your face. Life is all about how you get up, brush off, and continue down a path.

When you look at life in this manner, every supposed failure becomes another fork in the road.

I cannot promise a world without pain. Sometimes it hurts bad. But remember your homework


From now on you are to start the day with a smile, no matter how hard it may be that morning. (oops the H word)

Before getting out of bed, SMILE and say this is going to be a good day.

Too many folks set themselves up for failure. And then when it is a good day they say “SEE, TOLD YOU SO” That same person never admits when they were wrong.

But if you start with a smile, average days become fun. Bad days become manageable. Great days become spectacular.


You are now comics. Your job is to make the world smile and laugh.

We are no longer going to wait for the rest of the world to make us smile and laugh.


Check out LMAO Off Broadway Improv in Times Square Saturdays 3pm (Added shows for group requests)
Check out LMAO Off Broadway Improv in Times Square Saturdays 3pm (Added shows for group requests)