Educational Outreach NYC Improv Shows & Workshops

Educational Outreach NYC Improv Shows & Workshops

Improv 4 Teens and Improv 4 Kids are the outreach divisions of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv. We perform 300+ shows every year for K-12 and family audiences at our Times Square Theater and touring schools, camps, and community centers. The shows alone are fun for both students and teachers. Paired with study guides and workshops, the program brings a valuable resource to the school. Laughter alone is huge in reducing stress, and proven to better test scores (John Hopkins Studies) Humor builds a better brain (Based on William Fry from Stamford). And Improv is the most fun way to teach public speaking, listening, focus, eye contact and other valuable life skills.

Our after school program consists of 8 classes/quarter ($1600), 10 classes/trimester ($1750) or 15 classes/semester ($2250). This includes 1 teacher for up to 90-minutes OR two 45-minute classes back to back up to 2 hours total.
– Each class can comfortably include up to 20 students. 10-15 is ideal (like any subject teacher ratio is huge)
– Each session consists of warm-up, technique and performance games that teach Creativity (creative writing, critical thinking), Community (Team, Respect, Listening, Focus, Eye Contact) and Leadership (Public Speaking, Self Confidence).
– Each Program ends with a performance showcase.
– OPTIONAL – Our public classes include a stand-up comedy component. Students create their own routines over the course of a semester. This further develops creative writing skills.
– The Programs easily tie into Cultural Arts (Theater), Language Arts (Story Telling, Creative Writing, Public Speaking) and Character Building (Community, Leadership, Anti-Bully etc).
Educational Outreach
Educational Outreach Shows & Workshops at our Times Square Theater and touring nationwide schools, camps, community centers.
We run programs directly at NEST+m (4 years) and this year starting programs at 92Y and Williamsburg Northside. We also run programs (export our teachers) all over the city via various YMCAs, JCCs and even the Comedy Hall of Fame where our teachers are part of credit bearing fine arts and ELA electives in school. I previously served as the Director of Instruction (2009-2012) for the Comedy Hall of Fame and developed the programs for those schools. 2 of the students graduated and became interns in our professional program. One became a full time cast member summers  when home from college.

Educational Outreach NYC Improv Shows & Workshops

I recommend bringing a show to the school (as low as $500 in the fall. Regularly $600). 3-4 teaching artists can introduce the art form to the school. Or bring the team in for a full day ($1500). Start with a show or two, depending on school size. The teachers can then work with up to 100 students/ hour introducing basic concepts of Improv, while promoting better public speaking, team skills, respect (Really pairs well with Anti-Bully programming in the fall). We even have a powerful Professional Development Program that serves both as a corporate team building exercise and teaches how to use Improv in the class room to de-stress students and staff, use Improv to role play literary characters as well as historical figures and scientists. 
Our weekly after school programs will turn a small group into leaders. Students that are not afraid to read in class and engage in discussion have more fun in school over all. Attendance goes up. Grades go up. Test scores go up. 

FRIDAYS 7pm Improv Comedy Show in Times Square starting 9/30

FRIDAYS 7pm Improv Comedy Show in Times Square starting 9/30


Starting September 30, we have a new Improv show Fridays 7pm that is perfect for our Improv 4 Teens crowd. The 60-minute show featured classic games made popular by the TV show WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. The professional cast creates original scenes and songs bases on audience suggestions. Many of the games invite you, the audience, on stage to make sound effects, fill in the blanks for Human Mad Libs (AKA Columns) and pose for the Human Slide Show (AKA Freeze Frame).

CLICK HERE for tickets. $25-50 at the door. Just $5-30 via Improv 4 Teens. General admission tickets require a 1-beverage minimum purchase ($5-15 includes soda, juice and bottle water). VIP tickets include front row seats and

September 30 Friday 7pm Hosted By Walt Frasier with Levi Penley, Ivana Mendez and Zac Messick. $5 tickets CLICK HERE.


3pm Matinees Every Saturday, Some Sundays. All ages friendly.

HAPPY HOUR Shows – Improv Teams face off with guest comics and muscial acts. Fun after school / before Broadway shows for teens and up.



Upcoming Shows Sundays October 2, 30 3pm
Tickets $20 – ENTER PROMOTIONAL CODE “TEENS” for $10 tickets. NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASE REQUIRED with these tickets. (These Tickets includes bottle of water as the regular 1-drink minimum)


We have a brand new series coming to Broadway Comedy Club monthly. COMEDY 4 TEENS by TEENS is just what it sounds like, a comedy show for youth performed by youth. You can’t vote yet, you perhaps barely can drive, but you do have opinions about the world and our teens deliver.

Comedy 4 Teens

The performers are past and current students of our comedy 4 teens program that have been performing Improv and Stand-Up Comedy for 2-4 years or more. (Want to learn comedy CLICK HERE)


The audience are teens and families that love comedy. These shows are like Nickelodeon or Disney channel but far less annoying. Bring your theater class, friends form school, a date, or the whole family.


Many in the audience will be friends and family of the performers. But these are far more than simple class showcases. These are truly up and coming comedy geniuses that just happen to still live at home. Most up and coming comics still live at home at age 30 so these guys and gals are way ahead of the curve!

Look for many of these comedians on Netflix this winter. Our Spring class showcase was filmed – and many of our comics interviewed – for Julie’s Greenroom, the new show with legendary Julie Andrews and Jim Henson muppets teaching kids about the arts. This particular episode stars Ellie Kemper, best known for her role as Kimmy Schmidt in the Netflix comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and features some of our comics performing Improv Comedy. You might see some of their stand-up comedy too.

Julie's greenroom

Most of our kid and teen performers also can be heard on iHeart radio’s iRead2Know station. These 30-minute shows feature both our professional cast and students performing Improv and Stand-Up Comedy.