• Written & Directed & Choreographed by Carolyn White
  • Starring Carolyn White, Emmett Rosenbaum, Justin Sasserath, Ami Gillon
  • Edited by Walt Frasier
  • We do not own ANY of the following
    CGI Animation of Space provided by Pixels https://www.pexels.com/video/cgi-animation-of-space-854228/
    Billie Karaoke track purchased via
  • Additional Music provided by Walt Frasier on Piano
    Blues based on “You deserve a break today” McDonald’s Jingle
    Hallelujah Chorus, Messiah by George Frederic Handel Imperial
    March from Star Wars by John Williams

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Starts with black screen, and cuts to girl being thrown into ball pit–McDonald’s ball pit



Oh my gawsh! Is this…McDonalds? I LOVE fast food…but, why am I here?


Waiting Room Person:

Oh you’re here, a little late though…must be a glitch in the system



What, no! I’m always fashionably late for things.


Waiting Room Person:

I see…well, we’ll have you out of here in just a second. Oh, by the way, you’re dead. Sorry about that, but welcome to burgertory.



Are you kidding me?! I can’t be dead, I still have things to do! Like…post about how I don’t get fake tans or wear makeup on Instagram! I thought purgatory meant I was a ghost.


Waiting Room Person:

Ma’m, I apologize, but it’s not my job to console the deceased. The best I can do is offer you is a lukewarm McFlurry. And it’s BURGERtory. Some guy misspelled purgatory, so a McDonald’s was built.



Wow, some people just don’t have common sense. #can’t relate. (Gets handed drink) Oooh yasss, that looks so delish. I bet you’ve met tons of other girls who wouldn’t dare to even look at one of these, but I’m nothing like them! I bet they only like salads, so shallow am I right?


Waiting Room Person:

Okay…I’m just about to send you up to heaven, but don’t get too excited, this is just a formality. We have to see what God thinks of you.



Wdym? I’m totally heaven material. I’m not fake, I love video games, and I love rock music! I bet you don’t have anyone like that up there!


Waiting Room Person:

Note to God…girl talks in abbreviations…alright. I think we’re all set to go. (Pushes button)



I must tell you, unlike some people, (Trailing off) I’m super anxious and loyal to my boyfriend–


Waiting Room Person: 

Oof. Good luck God.



I’m so glad I didn’t fix my hair today. I know some people would, but I like it messy.



Welcome to heaven! Where you can live in luxury for all of–are you still talking about your hair?



Oh, sorry, I just wanted to point out that I’m so unique that I didn’t even wash it this morning. I bet other girls wouldn’t be caught dead like that, but not me!



(To themself) Well, we all have our flaws…



Oh, and do you have Call of Duty up here? I like to play video games while I bet other girls are getting their nails done. They’re so typical, lol.



Ahem. Right, well, I see a strong lack of…personality coming from you, so–



What r u saying? I’m just exposing all the horrible things other women do, and how I’m so much different and better than them!



Riiight. Well, I think you’ll be a much better fit down in hell…sooo, bye.



(Trailing off) Probably no other girls get to meet Satan–



Who’s this girl? She doesn’t seem like a bad person…ugh, probably reads books and teaches children to write…



Actually, I run a full time blog called Quirkchat! It’s where all special girls can get together, and explain how hard it is to be an outcast for not wearing skinny jeans.



…You’ll fit in just fine.









NO, no no no no!



…I-…what’s the problem?



  1. Don’t. Fit. In. I can’t believe you would even say that I don’t want to be like other girls I want to be my own person how could you even compare me to those ordinary and common girls they don’t have any defining qualities–


(The ground begins to shake)



W-what’s happening?!


(God and Waiting Room Person appear in hell)


Waiting Room Person:

Her quirkiness is ripping a hole in the system! She’s too unusual for the afterlife! If we don’t do something soon, the whole universe could collapse!



–and I don’t get why they even exist I mean they’re clones they all put gunk all over their faces and they only care about lipstick breaking boys hearts and clothes! I have no clue why–


(God, thinking quickly, pulls out his iPhone, goes onto iTunes, and starts playing…)



Billie Eillish songs should calm her down…



How do you know?



I went on the “not like other girls reddit page.”


(God plays a song)



 –I’m so outdoorsy and…other people…can’t…understand–Is that Billie? Omg she’s my queen!! (Starts lip syncing to Bad Guy)


Waiting Room Person:

It’s a pretty good song…



Yeah, I never realized that…



I don’t think any normal people listen to Billie…


Waiting Room Person, God, and Satan:

(Turning into quirky girls–high pitched voices and super enthusiastic) We must be unique because of our specific song preferences!



Now you’re getting it!


(They all start humming to the song)




Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Frasier FREE via Amazon Kindle

Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Fraser is a text book for comics and teachers looking to bring fun creative writing sections into the classroom. Read for free via KindleUnlimited. Also available via paperback and traditional kindle purchase. Walt Frasier has been teaching kids, teens and adults for 18 years. In addition to his comedy school in Times Square (NOW Online) Frasier has worked with hundreds of corporate teams, colleges and K12 schools.

Walt currently serves as Artistic Director for EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy (AKA LMAO Off Broadway, Improv 4 Kids and Absent Minded Comedy) where he regularly performs (Also MC and Piano) in Times Square, tours nationwide and teaches Improvisation. Walter is an in demand corporate team building specialist. Ask about his programs teaching Improv to corporate teams, colleges and k12 outreach programs EMAIL


About the Author

While writing this book, Walt Frasier is sitting in his New Jersey house, teaching and performing on ZOOM 30 hours/week, including public programming, corporate events and K12 educational outreach. The rest of the time is spent writing, marketing or sitting in his adult sized baby pool in the backyard.

Before the quarantine, New York based since 1997, Walt Frasier has appeared on TV (Billions, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Friends of the People, Letterman, WE, NICK, MTV2), commercials, Indy films and seen internationally performing live comedy, theater, and singing. Since 2002, Walt is the founding member and Artistic Director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA LMAO Off Broadway and Improv 4 Kids).

Before that Walt Frasier grew up outside of Washington, DC, attending Gaithersburg High School (GO TROJANS!), Montgomery College- Rockville, studied opera at Catholic University School of Music and worked in local theater and music.

HAVE FUN! But never at another’s expense…


If you want more information about Walt Frasier’s programs for kids, teens and adults, currently available worldwide via ZOOM, go to www.waltfrasier.com or connect on most social media platforms.


Also check out





NEW Online and In Person Classes, Camps, Shows

We are very excited about our first weekend back with live classes. 8 students joined us over two days in Central Park. Even during terrible storms we found a great place to avoid the rain at Bethesda Terrace.


We have added a few online slots to meet demand. We realize a traditional camp timing is often over whelming, so here is the updated list of sessions open to campers. If a full week of camp is overwhelming, many of these sessions are available for drop in as well.

COMEDY CAMP registrants can attend ALL of the following $225/week, $700 FOUR weeks CLICK HERE to register and get links to shows and classes now available SEVEN days/week.


Professional cast improvised based on audience suggestions and participation (free for students and their families)
Mondays 3pm SHOW for the whole family
Thursday 8pm SHOW PG13 Teens and older
I have been very please with how far we have come since March, developing new games and adopting many of the faves for the ZOOM platform.


CLICK HERE to register
(FULL DAY Usually do two blocks, Half day usually do ONE of the following)
9:30am-12:30 EST Morning Warm-up and Improv Comedy
12:30pm-4pm EST Musical Comedy, Stand-Up Comedy and Fun hour 3-4
5-7pm EST A repeat of the morning classes for west coast students and those that like to sleep in or otherwise busy in the morning.


Classes available for drop in online and in person – completely free for any campers signed up for half or full day.
(ALL free of charge to campers to drop by anytime)
– Sunday-Thursday 5pmFriday 1pm Online Improv Classes for kids/teens 10-15 $25/class, $75/FOUR classes
– Friday/Saturday 9:30am IN PERSON classes in Central park NOW At Bethesda Terrace. $40/clas, $120/FOUR weeks


Teens  (teenterns) 16 & older are welcome  CLICK HERE
– Sunday/Tuesday 7:15pm Stand-up comedy
– Monday/Wednesday 8pm Improv Comedy

Online Comedy shows and classes

Come be a part of the show!

The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH IMPROV presents interactive Musical Comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.

We hope to be back in Times Square soon but until then the laughs are online worldwide.

Private Events

Our improv comedy show and classes are perfect for corporate teams, schools, community centers and family events.

We bring your family, friends and colleagues together for much needed laughs.

Book an online show for as little as $200 (regularly priced $600-5000 for live events Nationwide) for up to 100 guests (actually 100 logins times everyone in the household) in our ZOOM comedy club.

Online Comedy Classes

Join the 50+ students joining us weekly for classes.

$40/week, $75/month includes up to TWO online sessions (45-minutes each) per week

We include both Improv AND stand-up comedy.

LIVE from Times Squ- er-um-  ONLINE WORLDWIDE


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HOWEVER WE WILL BE OFFERING A NUMBER OF ONLINE CLASSES AND ENTERTAINMENT, MOSTLY FREE TO THE WORLD TO USE & SHARE with premium online classes and shows available at grossly discounted rates (compared to our live programs in Times Square and Touring nationwide).


WELCOME TO ONLINE IMPROV COMEDY THEATER – Below is a playlist of ONLINE Shows, Podcasts, music and more fromm the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv, it’s students and colleagues from around the world!

Videos VARY in their appropriateness for younger audiences. Parental Guidance recommended!!!

ONLINE School assemblies and private shows now available!

30- minute shows
$200 for up to two full classes (50-60 #students plus teacher, staff etc)

We invite all into ZOOM meering
Mute and hide video of audience
So all you will see is the cast

NOW IN OUR 18th SEASON – 6000+ shows since December 2002

Live comedy shows and classes in Times Square NYC and touring Nationwide


Are your kids stuck at home? Are they bored with little to do? We have created an online version of our Times Square comedy classes to help fill a void for both our students and teaching artists.

Use links to sign up for your first online class time. We will immediately work out a schedule for your class and private coaching times. You can complete the entire session in a week OR over the course of a month. During this time of chaos we are providing almost daily sessions where kids & teens can join a chat group with our moderator.

Sign up for ONE class ($40) or Full Program ($75) includes

  • UNLIMITED use of online resources – videos, study guides and blogs
  • FOUR online class coaching sessions hosted on ZOOM (40-minutes each).
  • FOUR online private coaching sessions (10-minute each)
  • We welcome you to create your own online videos on your finished work for various social media platforms. We will share them on our network. Simply send us a link.
  • When the plague subsides, we will invite students to our public showcases in New York City, where we will resume weekly classes and comedy camps.

Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius!


START by watching our introduction video. We recommend start keeping a journal of your comedy writing process. We will have a series of worksheets and study guides but keeping everything in one composition book makes it harder to lose your work.



  1. Observe your world. EVERYTHING you need to be a comic is right in front of you. Material for stand-up comedy is everywhere. (As you will learn in the next section)
  2. Journal what you observe.
  3. SMILE – start every day with a smile. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS on making you life a better place to live)

CLASS ONE: Brainstorming Ideas

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Ideas” before watching the next video.

B. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.

Complete the worksheet, brainstorming ideas based on the prompt. There is no wrong. Never edit. Never judge while you brainstorm. Just “vomit” idea onto the paper.

Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your brainstorming process and pick your brain. Review your notes before starting grup session.

This will be your first online open mic session for this course. The other students may be doing their first session, their second or their 100th. When it is your turn just focus on your work. You will have 2-3 minutes to share your ideas. At this stage of the game, just read off some of the things on your list. If you want, you can tell us a bit about what happened. Don’t try to be funny. JUST SHARE. There will be some minimal feedback. When it is another comic’s turn, be a great audience. Learn from each other. Be supportive of each other. Remember, Comics are never allowed to be hecklers (This is a small community. Don’t burn bridges at your first class lol)

E. Journal the experience of class one brainstorming , process and performance.

CLASS TWO: Brainstorming Details

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Details” before watching the next video.

B. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.


Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your brainstorming process and pick your brain and start to formulate an actual routine out of this new information.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time. Again, don’t try to be funny. JUST SHARE your story. LISTEN to yourself.

E. Journal the experience of class two brainstorming , process and performance.

CLASS THREE: Add the Funny and Outline your Routine


C. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.


Using the FIND THE FUNNY worksheet brainstorm ways to build up some laughs in your routine. Use the OUTLINE YOUR WORK worksheet to organize your thoughts. Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your process and pick your brain beyond where the video leaves off.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time.

F. Journal the experience of class three process and performance. Start to analyze the good the bad and the ugly. What got a laugh? What got a snicker? What was a total waste of time? When we brainstorm we never worry about what is good. NOW we start to be more picky about what makes it to the next step.


ALMOST. At this point think about those words on a shampoo bottle.

A. Go back to CLASS THREE worksheets. From now on, EVERY TIME you get on stage with this same material, the goal is to make it even FUNNIER. How can you improve the material? How can you improve your presentation of the material?

Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. Before the next group session, re-outline your routine with the changes.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time.


The primary class is over. If your time permits and we have space, we invite you to join additional online sessions during your planned class time. Or sign up for another session and let’s create new material together. A professional stand-up comic does the above routine EVERY week.

At the time this is written, you may not have a way to perform live. Schools are closed. Clubs are closed. When things get back to normal we invite you to join us in Times Square for a show. If not in/near New York City, find a talent show at school or local theater/club that hosts showcases for students your age.

Either way, and for now, we recommend shooting a video of your work. Post it on youtube, IGTV, TIKTOK (if under a minute), Twitter (if under two minutes) etc.

Send us a link and we will share in our network.




NYC Winter Break Staycation President’s Day Weekend Shows Classes Comedy Camp – Kids Teens Families

NYC Winter Break Staycation Shows Classes and Comedy Camp – Kids Teens Families. NYC schools are giving the kids a full week off next week. We have activities to keep them or the whole family busy.


INTERACTIVE COMEDY SHOWS – February 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 at 3pm $25 plus a one drink minimum (soda, juice and bottled water plus other options for adults and light food menu available). $50 VIP TICKETS include the best seats and a beverage (NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASE required for VIP guests). EMAIL for group discounts and private shows. We add shows daily for student groups and tour nationwide to family events, schools, camps and community centers.

WINTER COMEDY CAMP* – February 17-21 9:30a-4pm daily (early drop offs/late pickups.) $125/day includes lunch & snacks plus classes in Improv and Stand-up Comedy. $450/week includes FIVE days with a performance showcase Friday 2pm for invited guests

Comedy 4 Teens Class* – Saturdays 10am for ages 8-12. $40 to drop by includes both Improv & Stand-up comedy sections.

Comedy 4 Kids Class* – Saturdays 12pm for ages 8-12. $40 to drop by includes both Improv & Stand-up comedy sections.

*If you sign up for a single class/day of camp, you can register for full session, prorated according to your start date. EMAIL us for additional sibling discounts, groups sales or private workshop requests.

NYC Winter Break Staycation Shows Classes and Comedy Camp – Kids Teens Families


No two shows are ever the same as the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (AKA Improv 4 Kids/ Improv 4 Teens) takes stage. Every show features hilarious musical comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.

Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019

February 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 at 3pm
February 21 6:30p (Teens and Older only)

CLICK HERE for Tickets
General Admission $25 plus one beverage minimum
VIP Tickets $50 includes great seats and a beverage (NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASE required for VIP guests).

EMAIL for group discounts and private shows. We add shows daily for student groups and tour nationwide to family events, schools, camps and community centers. Next week alone we are hosting groups from KINGS BAY Y and sending shows to THREE Brooklyn sites for New York Junior Tennis League.


CLICK HERE to register for Winter, Spring and/or Summer Camp. $125/day, $450/week.  EMAIL us for sibling discounts, multiple week discounts and/or private workshop requests.

MONDAY February 17 itinerary
– 8:45am Early Drops Offs (Microphones on for additional open mic time daily, campers can get extra time rehearsing stand-up comedy ideas)
– 9:30am Official start of Camp Day, after a quick daily welcome we warm-up and work on Improv comedy
– 11:30am LUNCH and Open Mic. We take a solid 30-minute lunch break. The rest of the midday time slot allows campers to share a personal story of experience and observation. Over the course of the week, these are crafted into original comedy routines. FYI Lunches vary including pizza, chicken fingers, tacos, pasta, and sandwiches. We always provide vegetarian and other healthy options. For extreme dietary restrictions, we recommend sending a bagged lunch each day.
– 1:00pm After Improv Comedy session. The focus is on performance games that may be featured in the week’s showcase.
– 2:45pm Snack time
– 3:00pm Join the audience and watch the public performance of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. If any family members want to join, the $25 tickets are on us, just purchase the one beverage minimum (included for campers)
-4:00pm Dismissal
-5:15pm LATE Pick-ups as needed

Tuesday 2/18 – Thursday 2/20 look very similar except during the 3pm hour one of our teenterns (teenage students that have been with us for 2-6 years) run one of their favorite team bonding games – they seem to love Mafia and Werewolf.

Friday 2/21 – Open ONLY to those signed up for the full week of camp.
After our morning meeting, the campers run a mock show, a dress rehearsal of the afternoon’s program. Before and during lunch teachers will provide notes on ways to focus the performances.

1:30 the house is open for audience while the students come together over some focus games.

2pm SHOWCASE features every students performing their original stand-up comedy and a 2-4 Improv games (as per class size)

Spring and Summer camp weeks will look very similar. While some students sign up for 2-9 weeks of summer camp, every week is an individual self-contained unit similar to the above itinerary.

Comedy 4 Teens Class* – Saturdays 10am for ages 8-12. $40 to drop by includes both Improv & Stand-up comedy sections. We have the microphones on by 9:30 every morning for additional stand-up comedy/open mic time.

Comedy 4 Kids Class* – Saturdays 12pm for ages 8-12. $40 to drop by includes both Improv & Stand-up comedy sections. We often run over a few minutes to give every student additional stand-up comedy time.


February 17-21 Winter Comedy Camp for Kids &Teens

CLICK HERE to register for February 17-21 Winter Comedy Camp. Ages 7-17 welcome. Daily registration includes lunch and snacks. Full week includes performance showcase on Friday. You can also register now for Spring Break April 13-17 and Summer Camps, nine weeks starting June 29.

February 17-21 Winter Comedy Camp

We have been running summer comedy camps since 2014. This summer we will have nine weeks. February 17-21 will look similar. Sign up for a day, or the full week.

Summer Camp

Monday-Thursday Feb 17,18,19,20

8:45 early drop offs and open mic, Microphones are on for anyone wanting extra stand up practice.

Comedy Kids

9:30 official start time. After a brief morning roll call, we start our Improv comedy class. Every improv session starts with warm ups and technique building games. Each session will include playing at least one performance game.

11:30-1pm Lunch and open mic. We take a solid 30-minute lunch break. The rest of the time is dedicated to stand up comedy. Monday starts with sharing a story of personal experience or observation. Throughout the week we build that into an original comedy routine.

1pm Afternoon Improv Comedy. After a brief warm up/focus game, we jump back into performance games.

2:45 snacks

3pm Fun Time. Once a week campers watch a professional show by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv, featuring teachers and counselors. Other days teen counselors run various team bonding games. Mafia is a favorite. Typical camp fun time.

4-5pm late pick ups as needed for working parents.

Class clowns


Friday is show day.

8:45 early drop off and open mic

9:30 warm up

9:45 Dress Rehearsal. Run a mock show

11:30 notes

12:30pm lunch break and free time

1:30 house opens for show. Invite family and friends. Campers help seat

2pm Showcase. Each camper will perform their stand up comedy and a few Improv Games. Video of show will be posted unlisted for parents and grandparents that could not make the show.

A monthly showcase of our top students. Next show March 1. CLICK HERE to schedule and tickets.







Meet the Class Clowns NYC: up and coming Teen Comics

Teens  perform original Improv and Stand-up Comedy in Times Square NYC

Sunday 3pm
 Jan 12Feb 2March 1

Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd St
$5 cover (Cash only at the door) One drink minimum per guest

Follow and watch the videos of Class Clowns performing live on


Dec 7 see our students perform with Kenan Thompson


Want to perform?

Most of these performers take classes
at the Broadway Comedy Club.
If you are interested in performing,
register for a class OR
EMAIL a video clip and bio.

Take a Class

EVERY SATURDAY at 10am during Winter, Spring and Fall we invite teens to join us for weekly classes. Just $40 to drop in, almost every session includes open mic time to work stand up comedy routines plus 75-90 minutes of Improv Comedy. Register for full sessions and you will perform on our showcases for friends and family. Our more experienced performers also perform the monthly showcases listed above (Class Clowns)

Click Here for calendar of classes. Click on date/times and complete registration

Comedy Kids

Do you have a teen group interested in Improv Comedy?


We have shows and workshops in Times Square or we can send our cast to your school, camp or community center.

Theater groups, Birthdays (Sweet 16s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs), Scouts, Teen Travel Camps, Student groups from around the world all love our programs.

At out Times Square are theater we have weekly public shows and we add private programs almost daily.


Comedy Class Survival Guide



Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens
Saturdays 12pm Comedy 4 Kids/Preteens (8-12)

Classes – September 7, 14, 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26

$250 for all 8 weeks plus November 2 showcase and 3 bonus weeks
REGISTER HERE and save 20% (JUST $200 for 12 weeks)

Showcase – November 2 open only to full class registrations
Bonus/Make-Up Classes – November 9, 16, 23 12pm for all ages

TEACHER Walt Frasier 212-568-6560 eightimprov@gmail.com 

2019 Summer Camp Week Two Showcase after show bows/photo

Comedy Class Survival Guide

Walter’s #1 Rule: HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense. There are no mistakes in Improv, so you have nothing to fear. Let go of ego and insecurity. Suspend judgement of self and others. Improv is all about team. 

Improv #1 Rule: “YES! AND…” We say yes to everyone and everything – the only exception is personal safety – we do not allow others to cause physical, mental or emotional harm to us. Improv requires we beyond respect each other. We focus on making our team mates looks great. We accept all for who they are, what they wear, the words they say etc. We are inspired by our scene partners, and in turn we offer big choices to inspire them in return. A scene becomes a simple give and take of choices built upon the foundation of previous choices. 

LISTENING – Listening is the #1 skill in life – but especially in acting, singing, comedy, directing…. Even painting. 

FOCUS – Focus will save your life in the theater. A lot of what we do is less structured that most jobs. But if we do not focus and stay present / aware, we can hurt ourselves and others. 

MAKE BIG MISTAKES – well, not on purpose. This philosophy is all about not fearing failure. More so, never worry about those little mistakes. Take chances! Play at your 100% best at all times. If you make a mistake, LEARN FROM IT. If someone else makes a mistake, LEARN FROM IT. Let go of that horrible feeling. The world is not ending. Don’t make yourself or others feel bad for simple “OPPS” moments. (Leaving this typo in to make a point LOL). Recover quickly and push forward.

NEVER MAKE THE FACE –  When I was 5, my piano teacher said, never stop and never make the face. If you don’t tell us you messed up, we never know (except your teacher and mom – can’t help you there lol)

Journal: Everything you need to succeed as a comedian is all around you. Keeping a journal allows you to track your observations and experiences. We create our own comedy text book. Observe our world. Record it. Record what you learn in comedy class – new games, stand-up ideas etc. Write about the good, the bad and the ugly. Journals help us process a very subjective world. Having some stage fright, write about it. 


Click here for tickets!!! $20 includes off Broadway Improv Comedy Show by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH plus soft drink and popcorn or hot dog. (Regularly priced $20 plus two drink minimum)


START EVERY DAY WITH A SMILE Enter a room with a smile and get many more in return. Don’t wait for the world to make you happy. Lead by example!

OBSERVE YOUR WORLD – EVERYTHING you need to do/know for  Improv and Stand-Up Comedy is all around. Reporters report. Artist interpret. Record what you see in your journal.



Treat every class the way a comic treats an open mic. Open mics are where young comics hone their craft. We try new bits. We often fail miserably. We get up and try again. We get to hear the words we wrote. We flesh out our stories. 

WHERE TO START? Simply brainstorm a list of things. Don’t edit. We are not trying to create the end product. We are simply vomiting ideas onto paper. What makes you mad? What makes you sad? What makes you laugh? What have you observed or experienced at school, home, work, vacation, in public places etc? Simply list a bunch of ideas. List about 10 different ideas. 

Now just get on stage and start reading the list. Maybe start to tell us the story of what happened. Keep talking until you get the light (The universal comedy symbol for it’s time to get off stage). Finish the bit and go. 

IMMEDIATELY open your journal and write – How did that go? What got a laugh? What got crickets (Dad Silence)? Now we start to edit our material a bit down to the best 3-4.

NOW we brainstorm details. For a story, think WHO WHERE WHAT. Characters? Setting? What Happened? Consider the five senses. What did you see, hear, smell, taste, touch? 

Get back on stage and try out the best bits form last time with new detail. Then go back to the journal. How can we make this funnier?

ALL SIDES – try looking at your topics from all angles, different perspectives. 

The Magic Three – Just like three points make a plane (geometry) or ELA teacher says to make three arguments to support a thesis in a book report, comedy likes the rhythm of three. What is over all theme? You need at least three points to support that theme, right? We can combine stories – take things from multiple events to form ONE CRAZY AMAZING STORY. 

THE Nth DEGREE – Something happened. What worse COULD have happened? What could you have said? What could you have done better? What could you have done to make it worse? 

Analogies – What is your story similar to? Finding similarities in seemingly different can be hilarious. 

Heighten the Attitude – raise the intensity of the emotion driving this bit. 

IMPROVISE! The reason comics use Open Mics to develop material is the audience. Respond in real time to your audience reactions. Listen! Comedy audiences are brutally honest. They let you know when something is funny. They often let you know when you are not. 

Each season we will develop a new 2-3 minute routine. Have fun. Don’t expect to be show ready on day one. You have 8 weeks to craft your ideas. But you should never say “I’ve got nothing”. Be prepared. EVERY WEEK Brainstorm, organize thoughts, talk on stage, process that experience in your journal. SIMPLE! 


Class Clowns is a comedy showcase for teens by teens! Featuring up and coming comics performing original stand-up comedy and improv.
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